Expansión publishes an article about Beridi

Expansión publishes an article about Beridi

Expansión, the newspaper leader in economic press in Spain, has published an article about Beridi and our technology for installation of floating wind turbines.

The article, published in Spanish, is translated next.


The Spanish group Beridi (Berenguer Ingenieros) has started to enter in the race ofthe offshore wind industry. The company, with a familiar origin, has obtained funding from the European Union to develop a“Made in Spain” floating platform technology for the offshore wind sector a great challenge for the renewable energy indsutry at the moment.

Beridi demonstrates that in the Offshore Wind Race, which is emerging as the new technological frontier of clean energy, not only the biggest energy and industrial giants are being positioned. More modest but highly specialized groups are also entering.

The Archime3 project has received 2.65 million euros of public funding. A large part is European funding, and the rest is national. Beridi, a specialist in port facilities, has diversified into floating wind platforms, with which to solve the great problem of offshore wind energy: the scarcity of coasts with shallow seabed.

Until now, offshore wind has been developed in shallow waters, which allow the installation of platforms fixedto the sea floor. Floating platforms are structures without supports, attached to the ground only by the anchor that keep them fixed.


Floating platforms for wind power are based on the same technology that has been used for years to expand port facilities. Based in Madrid, Beridi competes in a booming market with other engineering groups such as Saitec, X1 Wind and Ener Ocean.”