Offshore energy is absolutely critical in our road towards a sustainable planet.

EU must install 230-450 GW new offshore capacity before 2050, but current space available in shallow water (the ones optimal for the current technologies) imposes a limit of 112 GW. Only new floating platforms can help us fulfill these objectives by enabling the installation of large turbines in deep waters. However, the installation of floating turbines is technically challenging, very expensive and highly time-consuming, especially for the largest turbines that will be the preferred option (more power generation capacity). This negatively impacts the price of renewable electricity (LCOE) and hinders the wide implementation of floating wind.


a new concrete-based floating platform

We have patented a new concrete-based floating platform that offers outstanding advantages Vs competing floating technologies: 50% CAPEX and 40% OPEX reduction, fast execution (months Vs years for deployment of a wind farm), easy construction in all ports regardless their infrastructure and draft, very high resistance and stability in operation for the highest safety and performance in power generation capacity. Thanks to this, our solution is, to the best of our knowledge, the only technology today that will enable the installation of the largest turbines (15-20 MW) in an efficient, affordable and safe manner.


reducing costs by more than 15%

Our technology can reduce costs by more than 15% in the construction, installation and operation of a floating wind farm. This would mean about €200 Million savings for an average 400 MW wind farm project. In other words, if all new capacity in Europe until 2050 would be installed with our floating platform, we could help saving more than €160 Billion to EU countries.


Low-Cost Floating Platform
  • WP1. Grant Management, Exploitation and Dissemination
  • WP2. Validation analysis to verify fulfilment of industrial standards for >15MW
  • WP3. Real-scale prototype construction
  • WP4. Installation of a 0.5 MW turbine with ARCHIME3 prototype
  • WP5. Commercialization
The Future of the offshore wind market

ARCHIME3 by Beridi Maritime